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Maya Batra

Maya Batra is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles. Maya has been in the studio recording vocals for film and session work since the age of six. She is now hired as a vocalist, songwriter and producer for artists to help them find and develop their sound and is also hired to write custom songs for weddings and theme songs for YouTube channels and more. After attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Maya finished her BA in Music Production and Composition at Australian Institute of Music in Sydney. Since moving back to Los Angeles, she has been mentored by Ben Folds, 1500 or Nothin, Dave Hampton & Wyann Vaughn amongst others. In 2019, Maya was hand selected by James Fauntleroy and Larrance Dopson of 1500 or Nothin to be mentored in a scholarship program at their new school 1500 Sound Academy. 
Maya also hosts a show on Dash Radio called You Matter Radio that airs every week on the Rukus Avenue Radio Station.

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"Where do I start? Maya is one of my favorite collaborators for a number of reasons, the first being that she is so incredibly talented. Maya’s sense of melody, harmony and ability to sing, write, engineer and produce makes her so easy to work with as she is able to play any role needed in a session. Her creativity when it comes to musical composition, structure and lyrics makes every piece of music we work on feel fresh and exciting. More than anything, Maya is one of the most empathetic and loving humans I know. She makes everyone feel comfortable and brings out the best in you, not only as a creative but as a human too. I strongly recommend, you won’t regret it!"

Leon Zai


"When I started working with Maya we instantly had a very close connection. She’s helped me with my songwriting, making sure my words had purpose. 
Songwriting can be very nerve racking especially working with someone new, but Maya brought a sense of comfort to our sessions and always encouraged my ideas even if I thought it wasn’t good enough.  Maya has supported me as a developing artist, always providing advice whenever I needed it. I love working with Maya and hope to work with her for many years, she has helped me flourish into the artist I have always envisioned myself to be."

Mia Zoe


"There were many things that played part in me finally writing music again, but Maya was a huge stepping stone for me! She has a positive & loving energy that makes an upbeat work environment for anyone. She created space that allowed me to open up & share authentic words/ideas. Maya is also so good at helping tie your ideas together & making it end with purpose & closure, without taking away from your individual style. She notices the strengths of your art, & isn't afraid to point out what needs a little help, too! She definitely forwarded my growth as a songwriter. The very few times I worked with Maya, it was exciting & fulfilling & so inspiring. I plan on working with her again in the future"

Delaney Beacco


"Maya and I have had many song writing sessions via Skype.  At first, I was scared to collaborate with someone because you are not always sure the other person will understand how you feel or the message you are trying to send through your songs. However, Maya and I clicked instantly. She is able to connect with you on a deeper level and understands how you feel because of her numerous experiences.  Also, due to the fact that she’s an amazing artist and writes her own music, means she knows a great deal about song writing. I am able to tell her what genre I am looking for (depending on what we are working on) and it doesn’t take time before she gets inspired, passes it on and we both get that “oh my God, EXACTLY” moment. 
The songs I have written mean a lot to me because they express who I am and what I have gone through. Maya does everything to make sure that my ideas are well expressed all while teaching me how to do it."
Ever since the day we met, Maya has not only been a mentor, but also a great friend who encourages me, inspires me and motivates me to achieve my dream. 
Without a doubt, one of the best coaches I’ve had!

Myriam Tawfik

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My specialty is custom songs. I love hearing people's stories and putting it into a song. I've written custom Wedding Songs, Theme Songs, Birthday Songs, and custom briefs. I'd love to help you gift someone a once in a lifetime moment. 

I also work 1:1 with developing writers and artists to help them find their style. We go over song structure, form, and different exercises to make sure you don't end up with a bunch of unfinished songs.

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